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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have an in-home estate sale?

We have found that there is a real advantage to allowing buyers to shop in person and inspect their items of interest before purchasing them. They will spend more as they are confident about condition, feel, etc. but they’ll also discover other things of interest in the home as they explore our thoughtfully displayed sales.

What areas do you service?

We services many counties across the Tri-state area, including: Westchester County, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan Counties in New York City, Nassau County on Long Island, Fairfield County in Connecticut and Northern New Jersey.    

How do you price jewelry?

We have vast experience selling both real/fine jewelry as well as costume jewelry. All real jewelry gets weighed and tested before it gets priced and real-time values for gold and silver are observed and considered. Often times we find end users (buyers who intend to keep and wear) for jewelry and achieve prices much higher than if sold for scrap gold value at a walk-in location as they all have high overhead and usually offer a fraction of the value.

What about better items that don’t sell?

While we do a great job of selling most of a home’s contents, inevitably there may be a few unsold items that still have decent value and/or interest at the end of a sale. In many cases, we have been able to either sell some of these items after the fact or get them consigned to smaller local resale shops.

What if we don’t have enough for a public two-day sale?

If there is not enough value in the home’s contents to warrant a two day public sale, there are still options. We can usually offer either a one-day public sale, a by-invite sale, or a by-appointment sale.

Can you sell cars?

The short answer is Yes. We have an amazing track record of selling used vehicles. Since our sales are widely advertised, cars included in the estate sale always seem to sell. We also reduce our commission on vehicles to be beneficial to our clients.

How do you set up a sale?

Each home is unique. In setting up our sales, we always consider safety and make sure all areas are clear of obstacles both inside and outside the home. Uneven steps, low overhangs, etc. all get marked with signs and brightly colored tape. We also make sure that all the items in the home that are for sale and nicely displayed and easily visible. Jewelry and small valuables go in glass showcases at manned tables, clothing is hung on industrial clothing racks, and signs are hung throughout the home.

Why don't you do post-sale cleanouts?

After the in-person sale is complete we can help advise with post-sale services, such as recommendations for where
unsold items can be donated and clean out companies. We do not offer removal of remaining unsold items. We are happy to arrange and oversee the cleanout for you after the sale if necessary.

Do you provide auction services?

We can advise and assist with sending art and specialized items to auction and monetizing important collections, however we do not sell your items online.

Are there any up-front / out-of-pocket fees?

No. We are 100% commission based so there is no out-of-pocket fee and no guaranteed minimum.

How long does the sale setup take?

In most cases, setup can be done in 1-2 weeks. If a home is excessively large, disorganized, or requires a lot of research it could be 3 weeks. 90% of our sales are 1-2 weeks.

How do you promote/advertise sales?

We take care of all the marketing and promoting for the sale. This includes advertising online, email blasts to our loyal customers, advertising on multiple social media outlets, and placing professionally printed signs on the days of the sale throughout the neighborhood. Since we have been running sales for over 10+ years we have built up quite a following as well as a mailing list with 1000’s of shoppers who have come to our sales and signed up to be notified of all our future sales.

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